Who Benefits from MES?

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When you think about a Manufacturing Execution System (MES), as the name suggests, the implementation primarily focuses on machine process control, recipe management, and track and trace. 

The Defenseable MES ROI

MES is an expensive endeavor and is typically time consuming due to the amount of customization to meet your specific needs.

The most defensible strategy for success on the plant floor includes addressing the non-machine related issues as well.

Using this approach, many plants would benefit from additional manufacturing process management improvements prior to implementing traditional MES.

It's like the old saying in manufacturing, “Don't spend a thousand dollars to fix a two dollar problem.”

Let's say machine issues are your biggest problem. 

Often, companies have various versions of equipment and PLC configurations, which only complicates matters, leading to higher costs and a longer deployment for MES. 

Highly automated organizations that require a higher level of trace and process control will often benefit the most from a traditional MES implementation. This may justify the ROI, while more manual processes or older machines may struggle to realize the benefits.


An MES Alternative 

Maybe you still need a full blown MES, maybe you don’t. Either way, the good news is you have options. Do yourself a favor—understand the workflow gaps in your facility and determine whether you can gain more by addressing those before you implement MES, or if you should address them simultaneously by deploying/integrating L2L’s CloudDISPATCH alongside an MES. 

By deploying L2L’s CloudDISPATCH as a stand-alone system, or in conjunction with MES, many leading companies are achieving the efficiency they need.

This way, they’re able to identify their biggest problems, and put digital processes in place to solve them, realizing significant improvements with a proven award winning solution. 

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