Case Study

ADAC Automotive Digitizes Problem Solving in Plants

Watch Video:  See how ADAC Automotive used Real-Time Visibility Into the Root Causes of Machine Downtime to drive Production Performance

For more insights into how ADAC Automotive has digitized key processes and used real-time visibility to drive operational improvements across 200+ production lines, download the case study below.

Measured improvements include:

  • 26% reduction in the number of preventive maintenance work orders

  • 367% improvement in on-time percentage for preventive maintenance

  • 162% reduction in major downtime events

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“Prior to L2L everybody had their own isolated pockets of information. Now with L2L we have a single point of truth that all of us can use to problem solve.”

Brent Warren Director of Assembly Operations, ADAC Automotive

Who is l2l?

A Digital Reliability and Production Platform for innovative manufacturers who are looking for ways to digitize their operation and maximize performance.

We’re the only software that provides the visibility, priority and structure enabling your Employees to solve factory floor problems in real-time.

"A lot of software solutions drive companies down a narrow path and solve a small set of issues. ADAC is using L2L to effectively execute 50+ business processes across our value streams."

Rick Vande Kopple
Vice President of Quality