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“I think the biggest benefit of L2L is the engagement of the operators. You can fix a lot of things, but if you’re not fixing the root cause of the problem, you still have a problem.” 

- Phil Anderson, Sr. Director of IT, Autoliv

"I think what makes L2L so unique is the fact that the product was developed by real manufacturing users. People that truly understand the day-to-day issues and concerns that drive the production floor."

- Kevin Bryan MES project Leader, Autoliv

Larissa Rawlings

Customer Quality Manager, Autoliv

If I get a quality complaint from a customer, I can look at Leading2Lean and see if there were any maintenance actions, who was running the line or the machine. In the past, we didn't have that tool, so now I can get on my computer at my office and see what has happened within that exact time frame.

Leading2Lean provides you a history where before we would use a whiteboard, and the numbers would get erased every day. We were so used to paper and systems and filing. Now it's on the cloud and we can access it anytime.

When we started getting more involved with the management of Leading2Lean, we started opening up and seeing new things that could be used. We use it in production control, we use it in our quality department, we use it for sorting and material inspection. We use it on the production line to track training and pitch numbers. The empowerment has come down to the very basic level of production, they are empowered to do the work themselves without relying on someone else.

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Danny Linares

Team Lead, ABS Assembly, MityLite

"With Leading2Lean CloudDispatch it’s real time! You have a machine breakdown, you check where your maintenance guys are at, you get an estimated time when they’ll be there. You have documents for every action, for every machine an operator faces to conduct maintenance, and you can see how much time they spent on that machine.  You are more in key, not just a simple radio, you have more visuals, which is really helpful especially when you got to hit your metrics and you’re hour by hour. It’s simple, and that's exactly what you want."

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Tracy Walker

Operations Manager, West Liberty Foods

Leading2Lean has given us the opportunity to make decisions based on actual data, instead of maybe some gut feels or opinions or people's perceptions, it’s actual data. It's a way for us to easily and accurately control our resources inside a manufacturing environment, which makes everybody's job easier. Since the very beginning of our lives, we're always measured on something and we're all being graded. But then on the production floor, we don't necessarily always have a scoreboard, so it's difficult for people to determine if I'm being successful or if I’m failing. What Leading2Lean does is it provides an up-to-date, as up-to-the-minute as you want it to be, scoreboard so the associates know not only what's expected or what the demand is but also what the actual throughput is in the process that they have direct control over. When we've implemented Leading2Lean we've seen an immediate increase in productivity. It's providing the structure that's the same every day. If I'm a supervisor or a manager, and I need to react to a situation, I can't do it unless I know it's another leader, another supervisor, another set of eyes.

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Bryan Crowell

Bryan Crowell

General Manager, JD Machine

Why do we need to be lean is very, very simple. You're not going to be able to exist as a company, unless you can drive improvement.
Leading2Lean provides you those mechanisms that you have to have for your team members to see what's actually going on at the work site. The Leading2Lean system has been instrumental in improvements that I've seen at multiple companies.

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Dennis Knuteson

Dennis Knuteson

Maintenance Manager, US Synthetic

It just goes back to straight data. It takes the emotion out of it, we can prove how long it took to do a job, who was on the job. If we have any questions and we want to go ask that person, we know where to go.

What I really like about it is the development part of it, because if another company somewhere else learned something or has an idea that becomes available on the server, we can tie into that benefit as well. That's been a huge plus that we didn't have in our old system.

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Chad Williams

Chad Williams

Corporate Maintenance Manager, West Liberty Foods

When you look at a lot of those CMMS systems out there, they were developed often from the transportation business and trucking business. The Leading2Lean system was developed by industrial maintenance technicians in a manufacturing environment, and that made sense to us. Before Leading2Lean, Mount Pleasant was our worst performing facility. We've seen an increase by over 10% in machine up time, that's attributed to having that visibility of preventive maintenance items, work orders, and reactionary and maintenance tasks that are being done on a daily basis. We are striving to become a world class maintenance team, and it's really facilitated our supervisors in the scheduling of technicians daily, what tasks they want them to work on, and what they get accomplished each day.

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David Pugh

David Pugh

Manufacture Engineer, Young Living

We've seen several times here where people have promised a certain timeframe, and they weren't able to hit it or, we hit roadblocks and weren't able to hit it. But that wasn't the case with L2L, they were able to work with us and get things imported into the system within a day. There weren’t any hidden charges. And we got exactly what we paid for.

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Phil Galata

Director of Maintenance, Purple
The implementation here at Purple was extremely fast.  When L2L comes in, the installers have industry knowledge.  Helping people to understand why, and what it means for them in a practical sense sets L2L's training and their system apart.
Our business has evolved so rapidly over the last two years that if you don't have a flexible system that can keep up with you, you're going to struggle. If a line changes or a document or schedule needs to be revised, you need to do that quickly.  If it's not easy to do, it's most likely not going to happen.  The flexibility and ease of use are key.

Andrew Clarke

VP of Engineering and Manufacturing, Purple
I remember when I was looking at the software package the first time, it seemed like such a sensible, versatile, bolt-on to take us to the next level of managing processes.  The system is versatile and people can just use it and adapt.
Now it's probably one of the leading pieces of software that we have in the manufacturing group.