Digital Transformation

A Minimalist Approach

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In the next-day-delivery age, it’s easy to get caught up in wanting more. For manufacturers this means more data, more integration and more technology. But is it all really necessary? In this webinar, L2L's Vice President of Customer Support Mark Hungerford will provide you guidance on a less is more approach for your digital transformation strategy. He'll outline a plan to help you:

• Take your first steps without feeling overwhelmed and discover what questions you should ask to identify your biggest challenges and greatest opportunities.

• Simplify your strategies. It starts with your behaviors—learning different ways to interpret data and filter out what is not needed to focus on actionable insights.

• Design a long-term digital-transformation plan that is supported from the top down and enables you to scale early wins—intelligently—to reap greater rewards as your data-driven efforts mature. 

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