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So You Think You Need an MES...

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    Companies often choose to implement an MES (Manufacturing Execution System) for their plant or organization, but what’s driving that decision? Is it just because everyone else is doing it? Do other companies having an MES make it imperative that your company does, too?

    MES may be right for your organization, but it also might not. So, take a moment to pause and determine the right path forward for your organization.

    For example, a common reason for beginning the MES journey is to address low OEE.

    After all, knowing there is a problem is only the first step toward troubleshooting, determining the root cause, and applying the right fix.

    "While MES will help you identify your OEE, and may be the right solution for things like recipe management and traceability, it may not be the silver bullet many think it is.”
        ~Mark Hungerford, L2L

    In this ebook, So You Think You Need MES, you'll learn what you'll get from MES and what you wont' get from MES, and why there are common misconceptions.