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Case Study: West Liberty Foods Saved $2 Million in Maintenance Costs

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    While maintenance technicians and leadership in the plants were diligent in taking notes, recording paperwork, and inputting data into their existing operations system,
    technicians had a difficult time finding and analyzing the data to make the best business decisions.

    If the team wanted reports, they had to request them from the IT department. They weren’t able to get a full view of what was happening in the plants because they couldn’t see the data in time to react to a problem. Between recording the information and running the reports, it was on average three to four days before the team really knew what was happening in the plant. With manual entry of line and machine abnormality data, important data sometimes wouldn’t get recorded at all, or it became lost.

    West Liberty Foods’ leadership determined that they needed a software that would provide the right data delivered to the right people at the right time, which was while production was in process, not after. 

    Improvements through deploying L2L include:

    • $2 Million saved in maintenance costs
    • 88.5% improvement in resource utilization
    • 10% improvement in operational availability (uptime)
    To learn more about how West Liberty Foods overcame maintenance challenges and the results they acheived, click below to download the full case study.

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