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Case Study: Lakeview Farms Reduced Downtime by 36% in 6 Months

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    Lakeview Farms was consolidating three plants into one.  During that process, several operational problems began to surface.  Ultimately they identified four key concerns, all centered around maintenance:

    1. Preventative maintenance scheduling
    2. Tracking machine uptime
    3. Technician efficiency
    4. Spare parts control

    After implementing L2L, Lakeview Farms instantly gained real-time visibility for schedulers and technicians. This visibility reduced reactive repairs and improved their overall preventative maintenance plans. L2L also enabled technicians to directly link the history of failures to the PM history, as well as monitor technician labor on each PM activity, making them sortable by machine and technician. 

    Improvements through deploying L2L include:

    • 34% increase in operational availability (OA)
    • 30% increase in maintenance technician efficiency
    • 40% decrease in overtime hours
    • 15% reduction in repair costs
    To learn more about how Lakeview Farms overcame maintenance challenges and the results they achieved, click below to download the full case study.

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