Media Coverage L2L's Software Allows Manufacturers to Manage Operations

By L2L
07 Oct 20

Keith Barr Tells How L2L's Cloud Software Enables Manufacturers to Manage Operations Remotely and Weather COVID-19

"We’ve been a remote working company since its inception, so we’ve been able to continue forward without skipping a beat. However, we also know that our employees’ home lives have been affected by the lifestyle changes of not being able to do activities we typically do like going to movies, sporting events, etc. With this in mind, we encourage our teams to take time to do activities that will bring balance, reduce stress, and overall health.

Our customers have had to adjust to working from home, and the other lifestyle changes as well.

The initial surge of COVID-19 had our customers/prospects a bit distracted, so new business did slow down for a couple of months. Still, our software platform’s value to manage manufacturing operations remotely, increase efficiency (do more with less), and keep operations running caused the deal flow to resume quickly."

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