Why Preventive Maintenance Should Be In The Cloud


Two Plant Managers are out on the factory floor during a recent site visit of the leadership group. As they converse, an older, gray-haired maintenance tech walks up to Plant Manager #2, and like something out of Star Trek, shows him the screen of a mobile device. PM 2 then quietly shakes his head in agreement, and the tech walks away.

PM 1: “One of your guys?”

PM 2: “You bet. That’s John. He’s been with the company for 35 years and one of my best mechanics. He knows everything there is to know about those press machines, probably could fix em’ in his sleep.”

PM 1: “Guys like that are hard to find these days”

PM 2: “Yeah, especially since next year will be his last. Says he is going to sell the house. Then he and Mama are buying a motorhome and hitting the road to see the country. I’m happy for him.”

PM 1: “You have someone to replace him?”

PM 2: “Well, we’re just going to backfill one of the new guys”

PM 1: “Oh boy are you guys in trouble when he is gone!”

PM 2: “Nah, not really, we have been planning for this for a while.”

PM 1: “Wow!”

How Are You Approaching Preventive Maintenance?

Which Plant Manager or Manager are you? Are you the unprepared Manager that is unsure of how to cope with the growing number of experienced employees moving on into retirement, leaving a hole in your knowledge base? Or are you the Manager who has confidence in the systems and process in place to capture John’s knowledge and history as he performs repairs and preventative maintenance on the equipment?

If you are Manager 1, then you may be feeling a sense of unease, there really isn’t an answer on how to capture that information and knowledge. Current CMMS systems print out paper Work Orders that get lost, partially completed, or even "pencil whipped."

These systems require manually inputting historical data, machine downtimes, and comprehensible notes. And finally, the thought of sifting through years of paperwork trying to divine the lessons John has learned is near impossible to think of.

But, if you are Manager 2, then you have undoubtedly discovered a better way to capture that information. Which means you have discovered the power of performing maintenance in the cloud.

Preventive Maintenance In The Cloud

What you have discovered is that Preventative Maintenance actions are launching directly to John on his mobile device. He can complete the tasks on these Preventative Maintenance checklists in the cloud on his device, which reduces paperwork, increases accuracy of information, and reduces the need to constantly control printed revisions of PMs.

You've discovered that John can order parts right at the machine in real-time and that spare part usage data is automatically linked to the Preventive Maintenance work order.

You've discovered that the instant John begins work on a job, the clock starts to track time, location, and actions. And finally, what you have discovered is that all the data that John generated is at the fingertips of every other maintenance mechanic in real-time at the machines when needed.

Discover for yourself how moving to preventive maintenance in the cloud will make maintenance easier.

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